Airborne make a wide range of two seated microlights, from the basic Red back (based off the Edge X) model to the fully optioned electric start Classic with oil injection. Whatever your preference there is nothing to compare to the comfort and handling of the Airborne trike range. There have been several new models added, so please feel free to ask about our latest and greatest.

Airborne microlights make a great work horse and can be made aerotow capable. They are also used for other important projects such as, helping birds like the Trumpeter Swan recreate their migratory pattern, to elephant conservation in North Africa and major archaeology study in Angkor, Cambodia. The latest mission is protection of the Orang u tan population in Indonesia. These project managers have chosen Airborne microlights for good reason, the trike base frame is built tough and tested to handle rough terrain. The wings have proven and tested load carrying capacity. The seating is comfortable allowing surprisingly adequate room between pilot and passenger.

Airborne’s range of microlights are quality built in accordance with Australian Civil Aviation Authority regulations, that’s our guarantee!