U.S. Airborne Sport Aviation LLC follows the AeroSports Connection training programs for both pilot training and Basic Flight Instructor training programs.

Training site is on a very nice bluegrass runway at the U.S. Airborne Flight Park called the Eagles Nest near Anatone, WA. When your skills grow, we fly into the Nez Perce County Airport in Lewiston, Idaho, and teach proper Radio control tower communication and airport approach patterns procedures. This will open doors for you so you can fly at more airports nation wide with the proper radio equipment and training.

New pilots usually need between 15 to 20 hours before solo. Experienced pilots often need about 5 to 7 hours before the special controls of a trike become second nature. All training at U.S. Airborne Sport Aviation Center takes place in two seat, 2005 model AirBorne XTS-912 trikes or Outback / 582 Tundra, equipped with dual controls, nice big bucket seats and seat belts keep you feeling secure, while special lynx helmets and intercom allow clear communication with your instructor in the back seat.

On board is a B.R.S. as a back up safety chute. With each flight you’ll feel your confidence grow to match your new skills, as your instructor guides your learning according to our time tested syllabus. Each flight is written down in your logbook, setting the foundation of a life long adventure in sport aviation. Eventually, they earn their Ultralight Pilot’s license, and can work on getting their Sports Pilots license.

Dual flight instruction in a 81 hp XTS-912 or a OUTBACK /582 Tundra trike . training is available 7 days per week, weather permitting. Special courses on Advanced thermal flying, boat flying, and cross-country flight can be arranged. As well, if you can’t make it to our airfield, U.S. Airborne can bring our Airborne edge x Training Unit to an airstrip near you for personal flight lessons. Travel fees apply.

Trike training: $150.00 hour

Travel fees for lessons at your nearest airport, Instructor /Driving fee $20.00 per hr, Repairs, extra trike set-up and break-down $50.00 per hr. Client pays all gas to and from job site. Work truck & trike trailer use fee to job site & back home $25.00 per 250 miles or 3 hours For non-fly days at your location $200.00.

Feel free to call or email if you’ve got questions about training. At U.S. Airborne we know that everyone’s situation can be different. We can design a flight training program to meet you or your group’s needs.

Scott Johnson, owner of U.S. AirBorne, is your Advanced Flight Instructor (A.F.I for A.S.C.)