1carlphoI’ve known Scott and Terri since 2003. Scott taught me to fly powered paragliders. When I met him at Arlington, to check him out, I took a ride in his Airborne trike. I was awed beyond belief. Scott has been my mentor and friend since then. Scott is a great instructor and person. I would recommend you get as much air time with him as you can. You won’t find a safer more consciences pilot and teacher. . I’ve had a few flight instructors, Scott is my absolute favorite. I’ve co-piloted with him, on two Washington to Oshkosh cross country flights. I wouldn’t trust just anybody to fly with on a trip like that. Scott has always made me feel safe and secure even while we were exceeding both of our previous experience levels.

Scott and Terri have traveled to the South West for the last few winters and have encouraged everyone to join them. I’ve been able to travel with him and Terri and enjoy many fabulous experiences and meet many fascinating people. Because of Scott’s responsible attitude and his open friendly manner, we’ve been welcome to fly almost everywhere. Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity are a few more adjectives that come to mind.

Scott is someone you can trust with your life as well as your money. He takes both as a sacred trust. There have been precious few people I have put myself in that position with. I’ve trusted my life with Scott more than a few times and I’d be willing to do it again. Trust him with $50,000. It’s just money.

Scott’s students become Scott’s friends. Scott never stops being your dad, because he sincerely cares. We’re talking about something beyond a business relationship. What kind of a relationship will you have with the man who can show you the way to make your dreams real. The man with the keys.

I hope you’ll become one of our family, too.

Carl Ryder Sport Pilot CFI WSCL

2shanepicAT 16 I wanted to fly,@32 I gave my audience a half hour@ the Giza Pyramids (that’s too long) for timed tour groups in front of a 5000 year old marvels-even if they were the last surviving of the ancient world’s 7 classical wonders..!
-the rallyes of the pharaohs & the Paris Dakkar were auditioning together on site for their Tv sponsors(for the best shot), AND HERE THEY WERE:-3 weight shift trikes with air frames that looked like reed sticks, taking off in succession toward the pyramids 1/2 a mile down below ,in a second spiraling around the great pyramid top ,taking my breath with them, I made a vow!: this bird is me, if not? it’s for me……..that was back in 1990.
AT 48 I was already one full year into my homework, triggered by an expedition led by Nicolas Hulot, an incredible activist for the protection of global environment, Ushuaia TV. climbed to heavens on his shoulders, when he joined the triking & paragliding pioneers early in 1979,the triking history&destiny took a sore to heavens as far as France in specific, Europe at large are concerned, he’s a candidate for the French Presidential’s next may of 2007 on this very fresh picture.

To make a long story short:-“quoting beautiful Larry Cochrane” on your website’s testimonials” ,my trigger @ 48 was an expedition I saw Nicholas on Ushuaia TV expediting a trikes & powered paragliders RAID following the Okavango river from it’s sources at the foot of Kilimanjaro pick to its total vanishing in the deserts of south Africa hundreds of mile away from the Atlantic (the Okavango is a mighty African river that never gets to the ocean).

Did my homework, found a whole world of trikes out there (nothing to do with the reed sticks I saw at the pyramids, in Cairo  Egypt 16 years earlier),  Pegasus, air creations’ Tanarg,the Cosmos phase III, Aviatec’s Carbone one ,south African Aerotrike Cobra& AUSTRALIAN AIRBORNE.IT was airborne’s importer for south western Europe, French instructor Serge Bouchet who opened this Australia path for me ,and Robb Hibberd through AIRBORNE’s website shipped me off (sort of speak) to Anatone,WA. where I met the best bunch of friends a man can find in a lifetime. True, flying was one thing they had in common, but the sweet spirits that they all are ,in their remotely concealed piece of heaven on either banks of the snake river is an experience that marks the life of the most insensible. this is them: Serge Bouchet’s at their Paris Veliplane Club, on the yellow XT
trike are 2 of their ladies’ student pilots, hope my wrist braces bring you more of those, France is no better at this I believe. It was a school of friends “flying friends that I delved into coming to Airborne’s Eagles Nest in Anatone WA,bone had a hard time leaving the place after only 3 weeks where Scott was generous with the gift that he
knows how to share best:”flying”!

Reading Tom, Jeff, Larry (incredible Larry), Dave, Angie, Geri, Dave, Carl Ryder, and others that we met (with you) at Oshkosh &elsewhere the one thing we had in common about Scott Johnson is the gift of friendship, the gift of flying, the pedagogy of passing it along with such an ease, and generosity, you wanna enroll to such a school if it exists ,whatever the curriculum they’re teaching there.  Am i glad with my experience ??,Yaaah all of it ,do not know where to begin or even  where to end…….

Did I learn how to carry out thorough pre&post flights, enjoy taxiing, fly my patterns, my drills, touch&go like am I ever gonna get it in the box, my figure 8 patterns, my C patterns or my Ss, recognize power on, power off stalls ,fly over the canyons, over the forest, call Richland control tower waiting for us on Jeremy’s byke beside 25,I was enjoying the teacher sometimes more than the teachings ,not only because I’m a born teacher myself, but it was always a thrill to challenge the instructor’s mighty patience&pedagogy &did I say challenge??-well yes: every student is a challenge (taken to the air)….and you S.J. are a rare one, the best of challengers that one had the chance to meet, it was very well worth the trip across the western hemisphere from Cairo ,Egypt. to Anatone, Asotin, Cakston,WA.or lewiston,ID., however you see it, for me it was all in one.

If we do not get flying over the oldest of the worlds!……….,you’ll always awe me that one. you promised remember?  And more to it there are lots of more reasons to keep flying come and see for yourself, we have gees too & storks.  And definitely lots of candidates, whenever you need a partner for a crazy round the world, or Africa, or anywhere else you know you can count on me, just bring your camera, and definitely your skills of teaching would come along…stay safe brother

Note: if I failed to mention Terri, Chopper & Sundance ,it’s simple: we seldom notice those who are the power behind the throne *did I fail to mention some? , definite :Tom’s Dad on Dad’s Day, your Dad ,your Brother ,your Nephew, your Sister-in-law ,biking in the afternoons under our evening patterns, Mrs Peavey, Dave that came down from his mountain to convey his wish flying around the pyramids& Larry’s body we had dinner with celebrating my solo at Red Lobster.

Your buddy from Virginia,
Shane of Airborne Australia.

When I first started searching for an instructor, I knew I needed to find someone with experience, patience and knowledge. I selected Scott Johnson, even though he was in a different state, for the following reasons: He was an AFI (advanced flight instructor) not just a BFI and of course now he is a sport pilot instructor as well. He has done it all from hang gliding to paramotor to trike flying. He is old enough to have gained wisdom but young enough to still really enjoy what he does. He has also flown many cross country flights from Washington State to Wisconsin just to name one. If he can fly that distance in a trike and take it up over the mountains he clearly has the flying chops and experience I was looking to learn from.

Scott teaches one student at a time, so initially I went to his airstrip in WA state for 5 days of flying. He was patient and methodical and he made sure I was learning each step before proceeding to the next. We learned by doing. I was always confident as he was right there to take the controls if need be. Today, I still can hear Scott’s voice….”2 inches”….”2 inches”…..”Bar Out” and “fly the machine… Get ready to jab…”

When I purchased my first trike (XT-912) Scott was there every step of the way, from working with me to chose the trike and accessories to placing the order and tracking it. He even picked it up at the LAX  airport and drove it to my airstrip. He took it out of the crate, assembled it including the BRS parachute. Test flew the trike before taking me up. He gave me additional lessons until I was comfortable to solo.

Here is what is also great about Scott. He becomes a friend. I can call him or email him with questions and I hear back quickly. He is great at dealing with the boys from Airborne in Australia. And as for Airborne, they are a class act. The machine is really built well and I get comments all the time from my neighborhood pilots as to the quality of the XT-912. They are quick to send replacement parts if needed and because they are certified, as issues develop with their machines, we are notified and given clear directions as how to rectify.

I highly recommend Scott.  He is not some weekend pilot who teaches on the side. He is a dedicated teacher and does this full time. If I had to chose my instructor all over again, it would still be Scott. In fact, I still use Scott from time to continue to improve my own flying skills.”

Peter Del Vecho

“We first heard about Scott while reading an article in Ultraflight Magazine where he flew from Washington to Oshkosh and we thought…well this guy must know his stuff about flying over mountains we need to give him a call…shortly after we were flying and training at his flight park in WA.  Just his knowledge alone of weather and flying was worth the trip. He’s had so much experience being up in the sky flying around, I soon felt like a bird of his flock. He’s a bird in the sky coaxing you out of the safety of your nest saying ‘come on, this is a blast!’

A great instructor, laid-back, fun, full of knowledge and great stories of flying the skies for so many years. You can’t beat that for flight instruction.

Scott and Teri have been great support. We can just pick up the phone give them a call or send an email and they’re right there to answer our questions.

Can’t wait to come back to the Eagle’s Nest, hop in the XT “cadillac” 912 and fly like a bird!”

Karen Sadenwater

5bill_barton“Buying a trike isn’t like buying a car, you pay large sums of money in advance and months later you hope a large box will arrive from halfway around the world. For this kind of business transaction, you really need to have confidence in the person you are dealing with. Scott is a man of his word. He pays attention to details, keeps you informed, and doesn’t quit until the trike is handed over to you in perfect condition.

If you want an Airborne trike, Scott is the man to see.”

Bill Barton

6mark_debScott and Terri from U.S. Airborne are the BEST.  From the initial introduction of the Airborne line of trikes to the intro rides in the Outback and the XT 912, all the way through getting my BFI and receiving our new XT 912.  As we set up our sales and instruction business, Airborne Aviation here in New Mexico, Scott and Terri have been the finest we have ever dealt with.  They even came out to our local fly in and we all had a blast.  I just wish they could have stayed longer.  Scott has so much knowledge and is glad to share with anyone who loves to fly.  We have been so happy with the Airborne line of trikes.  U.S. Airborne’s safety record and attention to detail is unparalleled.  Airborne makes a great product and have the best Importer in the country.  U.S. Airborne is a top-notch company to deal with and we are glad to be able to share being part of their distribution network here in the southwest.   Scott and Terri treat their customers as friends and are always willing to lend a helping hand or give advice.  We can say without a doubt they are honest and caring about the business of flying. We look forward to any interaction with Scott and Terri at U.S. Airborne because we know we will be well taken care of.

Mark and Deb Whitcomb
Airborne Aviation
900 Tewa Loop
Los Alamos N.M. 87544

 7dale_chestnut“I caught the ‘ultralight bug’ in January, 2005, when I took and introductory flight in Hawaii. When I got home in Washington State, I heard about a flight program in another State and I signed up for lessons there.

While I found the instructor to be very good, I was disappointed by the way the school gave lessons: a student would go up for an hour in the morning, then land and another student would go up. In four days I only had 6 hours in the air.

I was told about Scott Johnson and I called him. I went to his place in eastern Washington in April of 2005 for lessons, and found that I would be his only student. His full time was given to one student at a time, and that meant in the week I was there I would get an average of 4 hours a day in the air, longer if wind conditions (and my bladder!) permitted.

Aside from just instructing on the techniques of flight, Scott was constantly giving pointers on what the weather could be doing later in the day as he explained the meanings of various clouds far to the west. As a professional mariner I was tuned in to weather patterns, but I still learned a lot from Scott, especially since he was explaining what the weather would do over high mountains and flat terrain.

Although I am flying on my own now, and am buying my second Trike from Scott (a 912 after first buying a Classic from him), I can still call Scott and ask him about my Trike or about flying techniques.

I recommend, with no reservations, Scott as an instructor, and now as a friend.

I am not sure if I can say the same thing about Chopper, though! 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you have questions. chesnut@comcast.net

Dale Chesnut

  8larry_cochrane“The GOOD,

I was a sailplane pilot with out a tow in 1994 when I met Scott and Teri Johnson through a mutual friend, sailplane and hang diver pilot Eric Endicott. I started driving for them since the sailplanes were grounded.

Long story short, Scott trained Eric and I to fly para gliders. He also had this cool powered hang glider from Airborne in Australia named the Edge. It is a certified aircraft in Australia and I was very interested.

In 1995 I had sold the sailplane, so I went to Sun-N-Fun with Scott to help with his first show and scout out the three axis ultralights that were available.

Here is the short. I PURCHASED the EDGE TRIKE. With an advanced instructor in so many forms of flight in my back yard, an aircraft of such high quality and easily broken down for traveling available, a new family that can’t be beat (Teri, Scott, Ray and Chopper) The Edge Trike was the choice. I also put money down on an ultralight sailplane called the Super Floater the Edge could TOW!

To keep it shorter, I have volumes of great flying adventures and learning provided to me by the US Airborne family. Scott and Teri will have what you NEED! If you are reading this, you are in the right place.

The BAD,

You the new or interested pilot reading this will be taking them away from us here, as there dedication to you is immeasurable. ENJOY! I know you will be having to much fun!”

Larry Cochrane

9slim_photoTo who it may Concern.

Been dealing with U.S. Airborne (Scott & Teri Johnson) for over the last eight years. This is the best company and one of the best instructors that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Honest and wants to get the job done right.


Charles “Slim” Lambert

  10jeff_peaveyScott & Terri, we just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we are with the XT 912 we bought from you.

Before making a purchase like that I did a lot of research all over the country.

Everyone I talked to brought up your names as the people I ought to be doing business with. Your knowledge of your product, your experience in the industry, your integrity as genuine, good people are all qualities that others brought up as the reasons I should look to you as an instructor and dealer.

We took their advice and have never regretted a second of it. Training with you was nothing short of a spiritual experience and your professionalism and attention to detail in supporting a newcomer to the sport is the best. The only draw back is that you are so successful that you are always traveling all over the country and we don’t get to! It’s great to be able to count you as our friends and flyin buddies.

Thanks for such a wonderful gift, Happy Travels and we hope to see you in the sky

Jeff & Louren Peavey

  11jeff_messangerBeing that I am a private pilot and absolutely love to fly, I wanted to fly all the time and have fun. It gets very expensive renting an aircraft and they are never in great shape, they all flew well but were just beat up and old. So my wife took me to Oshkosh two years ago and that is where my hopes of owning an aircraft began to be a reality. I looked at every type of aircraft there. I needed a fun aircraft, that was build to the highest standards, that I could keep in my garage, and that would provide an excellent camera platform for the documentaries that my partner and I produce.

After talking to many representatives of the various aircraft that were on display I wandered up to the AIRBORNE booth and that is where I first met Scott Johnson. Scott was a very warm person who made you feel comfortable at once. He is very knowledgeable and spent a great deal of time with me answering all my stupid questions. After the show I went home and thought about things for a while. During the next year Scott and I talked on the phone many many times and sent tons of e-mails back and forth. He always answered all my questions and if he did not have an immediate answer he would find it out quickly and get back to me. He also calmed me on more than one occasion when I was dealing with the FAA or whoever in order to understand all that I had to do if I got this aircraft and what I had to do in order to fly around with a passenger in it. You will not find a more patient human than Scott Johnson.

I finally ordered the Airborne XT-912-B from him and decided to have him transition me from GA pilot to weight-shifter pilot. Scott and his lovely wife Terri and their “full of personality” bird,”Chopper” do a western tour each year going around training people, setting up new clients aircraft, and hitting the trade shows. So they came by my way and stayed at Camarillo airport for the first part of my training. My business partner and I hit it off so well with Scott and Terri,(Chopper tolerated us) that we decided to all go camp out on a hugh dry lake and end up our training out there. The dry lake provide an opportunity for Scott to teach me so much more than the differences between fixed wing and weight-shift aircraft. At this point I would like to say that I have had several instructors teach me and review me in regards to my GA flying, and Scott was the best instructor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. He has so much knowledge of the environment we fly in. On the dry lake we landed the XT 912 from every direction to the wind. We were doing 25 landings going down and back the lake bed in one run. The lake bed also provided and excellent training ground for seeing and dealing with thermals, dust devils, rotors, wind shear, calm conditions and windy conditions. The dust from the lake bed made everything very clear to see and understand. Every time I went up with Scott it was fun and instructional. He knew when I was tired and when to change things up or take a break. He was and is a very positive person and it carries through to his flight instructor persona. I also had fun scaring him once in awhile. In a trike (for those of you that don’t know) the instructor sits behind you and his legs come down on your sides. So if your instructor gets nervous they unconsciously squeeze their legs together and you feel it. So, we were basically done with my training but I wanted to log a few more hours in the sky with Scott to learn even more from him. During one of these flights I was performing an engine out landing (with the engine off, dry lake bed, land anywhere) and I was coming in for my final approach descending over some small bushes and trees when I asked Scott in a nervous voice if he thought we were going to make it. His legs instantly tightened around me and he started to react like he was going to take the controls and I started laughing and told him I was kidding. He chuckled after he saw that we were indeed ok. The other time we were at home flying over the ocean (not training) and I saw that he was looking down through his camera at the boats and not looking outside the camera so being the kind of guy I am I turned sharp and looking through the camera I knew it would seem like we were going over. That time I got a good leg squeeze, a hand on my shoulder and some sort of noise from Scotts throat. Those were the only times I played around with him. All the rest of our time was spent with me trying to absorb as much knowledge as i could from Scott. He continues to support me and this aircraft with anything I need from him. I have just over 60 hours in my fun flying machine and feel totally confident in my abilities to pilot this aircraft. I want to also say that I learn something every-time I fly. I believe as pilots we will never know it all or ever stop learning. Needless to say Scott, Terri, Chopper and my business partner and I have become good friends. We ended up renting a motor-home and taking our aircraft to Borrego springs to camp and fly with them when they stayed there near the end of their western tour. Awesome flying and great BBQs and lots of fun were on the agenda. Several of Scotts other friends were there camping and flying also. Good people seem to congregate around Scott. He and Terri are those type of folk that you love right away when you first meet them. Then after spending time with them you find out how right you were about your first feelings. We are planning a flight to their place in Washington very soon and look forward to spending time with them again.

Jeff Messanger


To whom it may concern,

I purchased a used XT912 from Scott shortly after Sun & Fun 2006. Through the purchase process, Scott was very helpful, not pushy and did not resort
to putting down other manufacturers in order to sell his product, something that is a rare find. When I flew to Washington to take delivery, the trike was as advertised with no surprises.  Scott is a top notch dealer for Airbornes great products.


Paul Kruse
Gilbert, AZ


I started hang gliding in the 1980s and watched the ultralight movement of that time. I always wanted one, but was skeptical about the safety and
reliability. I’m glad now that I didn’t buy one during the 80s and lost interest. Then I considered them to be to dangerous. Scott started flying trikes in the early 90s and introduced me to flying trikes. After watching Scott for years, I saw a new generation in ultralights and trikes. I then became interested in ultralight trikes. In 2001, I traveled to Sun n Fun and meet Russ from Airborne Australia. After hanging with the Airborne crew and watching Scott’s many flying adventures, I knew what I wanted, a Airborne
Trike. In 2005 I purchased my first trike an Airborne, Redback, 503. The purchase and delivery was on course and first hand. Being an SEL private pilot I have taken flight lessons from many different instructors. My past instructors covered the full range, very good, average and some being so bad that it set me back. Scott is probably the best instructor in the U.S. He is very calm and smooth. He never loses his cool. I highly recommend him for weight shift trike training. For any person wanting the best training around call Scott, he made me a safe and competent trike pilot

Tom Heathman
Anatone, WA