Project Description

The model S-4 Rider has a Simonini Mini 2 engine. This engine has been completely modified. It’s very quiet and reliable. It comes equipped with a standard electric starter, its total weight with the harness is 26 kg.

Optional Equipment

Cage with Double or Single Circle


All Rider series can be equipped with cage double or single circle. We recommend single circle to anyone who wants to minimize weight and wants the maximum aerodynamics, but we don’t recommend to anyone who doesn’t have a good practice to take off. In this case you can take the double circle frame for greater propeller protection.

Propeller Type

option2The entire Rider series can be equipped with wooden propeller or fiberglass propeller. The wooden propeller is not divisible and more delicate. The fiberglass propeller is divisible and much more resistant to the use and storage.

Harness Size

It is possible to choose the size of the harness through the table beside. The table is indicative. Everyone can choose according to your taste and needs also sizes other than those listed.

High or Low Distance Bar

option4All Rider series can be equipped with low or high distance bar. This is a choice based on feeling that it wants to have with the paragliding:

The high distance bar is very stable, very easy to adjust but it is a little more deaf to information that the sail send.

The low distance bar must be tailored more precisely considering the weight, the height and position preferences for each pilot, definitely more technical but more active at every stage of the flight.