Project Description

The 29.5′ spanned RIVAL S is a 12.4 meter wing developed in 2013 for novice thru advanced trike pilots. It is the product of six years of R&D specifically targeting light handling, speed wings that penetrate turbulence almost effortlessly. Some previous prototypes include the “Blue Devil wing” seen below. Recent trends in some flex-wing designs aim to improve low speed handling through creative designs using pulleys and ropes. These systems increase washout or billow in the sail at slow trim speed in order to achieve this. Overall efficiency is then sacrificed which reduces glide ratio and increases stall speed. In contrast, the RIVAL S remains in its most efficient, low-twist form at all trim speeds utilizing the patent pending Variable Anhedral Trim System (VATS). VATS increases stability at higher speeds while also increasing maneuverability at slow speeds with no loss in performance. This system removes the “sweet spot” or trim speed the wing performs best at. Therefore, roll pressure and sensitivity remain consistent throughout the entire speed range of 55-100 MPH. The distinct 100% double surface wing tips give the RIVAL S high speed and agility usually not found in a wing this size. This 12.4 meter wing provides payload and takeoff capability smaller wings cannot match.