Project Description

Certified EN A in sizes M and L, as well as EN B for S and XL, the Boxer is effortless to inflate, lifts its payload quickly without being much affected by turbulent air.

Its speed is an added safety asset. It will delight pilots wishing to fly with peace of minds, without asking for too much handling effort in return.

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ITV Boxer Review

School-level inflation

Aspect ratio of 4.88, large cell openings and mylar on the leading edge guarantee a very easy inflation, ideal for school training. You just have to position well on the center of the canopy and push the risers until the end, when the glider is over the head and you feel the lift. The Boxer neither shoots forward nor falls back or to the side, you don’t have to correct or do anything! The takeoff run is quite short, a little shorter than with the average free-flight wing.

Good performance and docile in the air….

In flight the Boxer has a good sink rate, and within its “normal” weight range it can be flown without problems with small engines like the PA125, the HE 120 or a Fly100EVO, for example. It is even flyable with less powerful engines, and I mean pilots like me, of +-100 Kg.

Surprisingly, things were not bad at all also when flying the Boxer with paratrike in 160 Kg. For our tests we used a PXP-Minari 180 engine (mounted on an Airfer trike) and we had power to spare. We could keep level flight with outstanding consumption, especially taking into account that this is a beginner’s wing…

In the air the Boxer goes totally consistent. Depending on the thrust, you may notice some torque effect that can be counteracted with a little touch of the brake, or by adjusting the trimmers asymmetrically.

Handling for anyone

Handling and piloting the Boxer is really simple, it has a couple of normal brake handles, short trimmers, and that is all – no auxiliary controls or other things that will make it complicated for a rookie. The brake travel is not long; it is progressive and very gradual in response. The more load you carry, the faster things will happen; so if you fly the Boxer on the minimum weight range the wing will be dampened and docile, but when you fly it on the top (or above) it may take out the little ‘adrenaline monster’ inside you. The Boxer becomes wild, dynamic and very, very fun to fly. We had a great time putting it to turn and training low level slaloms…


Besides some simple looking details, the Boxer is impeccably built. The glider has a striking design in three colors that give it character. The fabric chosen is Domicotex of 35 and 40 grams. Soft to the touch, it seems to be very light although it is not really a light fabric. The paraglider does have a low weight though, just 5.4 kg for size L, thanks to a design with not so many internal reinforcements.

We loved the Boxer’s risers: narrow and strong, the brake handles are semi-rigid and come with really powerful magnets. The trimmers, although somewhat hard, work perfectly.

For whom

The Boxer may be your out-of-school glider and your glider forever… Depending on how loaded you fly it, it may even become a fun Slalom-wing, but it also navigates well, it has a good range of speeds, and a more than decent performance.

* Read Full Review by Daniel Crespo at Ojovolador.


Size S M L XL
Paraglider use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paramotor use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cells 42 42 42 42
Flat surface area 23 m2 26 m2 28 m2 31.00 m2
Span 10,5 m 11 m 11.7 m 12,4 m
Aspect Ratio 4,79 4,65 4,88 4,96
Chord 2.30 m 2.36 m 2.39 m 2.5 m
Minimum in-flight weight 60.00 kg 70.00 kg 90.00 kg 110.00 kg
Maximum in-flight weight 80.00 kg 95.00 kg 120.00 kg 150.00 kg
Extended weight limit 113.00 kg 130.00 kg 150.00 kg 180.00 kg
Glider Weight 5 kg 5,2 kg 5,4 kg 5,6 kg
Minimum sink rate 1.20 m/s 1.20 m/s 1.20 m/s 1.20 m/s
Trim speed 39.00 km/h 39.00 km/h 39.00 km/h 39.00 km/h
Top speed 53.00 km/h 53.00 km/h 53.00 km/h 53.00 km/h
Upper surface cloth Dominicotex enduit Dominicotex enduit Dominicotex enduit Dominicotex enduit
Upper surface cloth code
Upper surface cloth weight 40.00 g/m2 40.00 g/m2 40.00 g/m2 40.00 g/m2
Lower surface cloth Dominicotex enduit Dominicotex enduit Dominicotex enduit Dominicotex enduit
Lower surface cloth code
Lower surface cloth weight 35.00 g/m2 35.00 g/m2 35.00 g/m2 35.00 g/m2
Upper lines Aramide 160 Aramide 160 Aramide 160 Aramide 160
Lower lines Aramide 240 Aramide 240 Aramide 240 Aramide 240
Homologation EN B
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