Governor Kempthorne signs Highway Bill,         LCSC CampusParamotor Lesson Package – 6 day P2 / Novice + Paramotor Course, $1595

Our complete 6 day course allows for the completion of a P2 Novice Foot-launch rating and teaches you to launch with a motor. Paramotor requires more training than regular paragliding. After all, you are still flying a paraglider and you have an engine which changes your wing’s launch and flight characteristics.

Since the pilot will be launching and landing with 45 – 100 lbs. of additional weight, it is extremely important that the pilot be competent in evaluating the conditions and have the appropriate skills. You will learn the skills and information necessary to safely fly a paramotor.

We will begin with ground school, ground handling and progress to fly a paraglider without the motor. When you have demonstrated glider control, launch and landing techniques, we will learn to tow to safe altitudes. Spot landings, turns, solo from a 1000 ft trainer hill, powered flight techniques, reserve and emergency procedures are all part of the course.

Students will be in radio contact with the instructors while on tow and during motor flights. Most student will fly with the motor by the fifth day of lessons, if your flying skills allow it.

This is the best course for pilots wanting to use their equipment for BOTH foot-launched and paramotor flight.

Paramotor Transition For P-2 to P-4 $300

By the Lesson Paramotor 3 hr $300

Paraglider pilots, we offer a special 3 hour course which includes 1 to 2 hours of ground school and skills practice plus a motor flight. This course includes the use of necessary equipment.

General Information:

There are no refunds or exchanges for students who terminate programs. Programs are not transferable to another individual. Students on certification programs may join any class where space permits. Classes are limited to a maximum of two new students and 3 Novice(Para 2) program students per instructor per day Reservations are required and are not confirmed until a deposit has been paid. Deposits are refundable only if a qualified replacement student can be found for your reservation. U.S. Airborne reserves the right to modify, change, or delete any aspect of the training programs or fees at any time.