Scott flying at the Easter Fly-in Photo by Aaron Frizzell

Scott flying at the Easter Fly-in
Photo by Aaron Frizzell

Paragliding Introductory Lesson, $150

The first lesson begins with orientation and continues with familiarization with the design and components of a paraglider. Students are taught the fundamentals of handling a paraglider and learn pertinent terminology. I give a comprehensive lesson on launch preparation, launch technique, proper control of the paraglider in flight, and finally, the method of flaring the canopy for a gentle landing. I also describes the sensations that first-time pilot are likely to experience. Next, I illustrate these fundamentals demonstrating a short flight, followed by a brief question-and-answer period. The average student can expect to make several low altitude flights toward the end of this lesson, conditions and student ability permitting.

Paragliding Full Day, $300; Lesson (7 hours) $250.00

Paraglider Beginner P-1 Package, $500.00

This course includes four personalized lessons, building upon the basics covered in the introductory lesson and leading toward high altitude flight. Most students will achieve the USHGA Beginner rating in this package, and establish a very solid foundation for learning further skills. Students who enroll in this course have the option of continuing with full credit to the Novice Package The package includes:

  • four lessons at the training hill making flights with radio guidance
  • log book
  • Beginner P-1 rating from USHGA

Paraglider Novice P-2 Package, $1000.00

This ten lesson package is designed for students who want to become fully certified pilots, which requires the USHGA Novice rating. Most will achieve this and will be able to fly without the aid of an instructor. Each day of training is tailored to the student’s needs, and a day on the training hill can be traded for a half hour tandem lesson when appropriate. The package includes:

  • ten lessons at the training hill, mountain or tandem site
  • one half hour tandem lesson
  • log book
  • Novice P-2 rating from USHGA

Golden Eagle Package, both P-1 & P-2 curt., $1250.00 (A $250.00 discount)

Paragliding Thermal & X-C Clinics, $500
2 day course 4 flights min. & Classroom study

Tandem Flights, $150.00

Tandem (two-Place) lessons involve flying at higher altitudes in a large glider with a specially certified Tandem Flight Instructors. A tandem flight is an excellent introduction to the sport. No flight experience is necessary, and the student will get part of the time actually flying the glider.

General Information

All lessons are taught by certified instructors on state-of-the-art U.S. Airborne equipment. Lessons typically last three hours. Weight limits are 90-250 pounds. Students should wear long pants and running shoes with ankle supports. Lessons are by appointment; please schedule one to two days in advance. Lesson fees are non-refundable. We do not guarantee a rating at the end of a lesson program. PLEASE BRING WATER.