Here at U.S. Airborne we are offering you a incredible life style in Sport Aviation. If your truly looking for one of the greatest Jobs on mother earth we have dealer opportunities to become a Airborne Dealer and Sport Aviation Flight School. With the new Sport Pilot rules will come (FBO) flight based operator businesses opening up at airports across the United States of America. Become part of this growing population of happy individuals that will make Sport Pilot grow across this great nation.

We are looking for exciting and adventurous people to sell and teach on our full line of incredible Airborne trikes here in the Western U.S. At this time we have dealer opportunities available in all states west of the Mississippi River. Here are a few basic requirements or hoops that New Dealers need to jump thru to join this team of Fun seeking individuals making a living at what they love.

  1. buy your 1st Airborne unit at retail
  2. become a Sport Pilot CFI or have a Sport Pilot CFI working for your company.
  3. have a hanger or airpark or FBO to conduct flight operation from and sell Airborne aircraft from.
  4. have at least 1 Airborne trike as your Sport Pilot Trainer. Note* There are a lot more details on dealerships, and but the above are some of the basic information on becoming a full Airborne dealer.

So, please if your wanting to live a dream life then ask for more detailed

Best Regards Scott & Terri Johnson