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The popular family of light aircraft manufactured by Apollo over 35 years is expanded by the semi open tandem Juka inspired style AG-1 gyroplane.

The rotor system is the venerable Stella rotor system by Averso. The carriage is built on a high-strength welded stainless steel frame, with a fiberglass composite streamline fairing which shadows design from its brethern in trikes like Delta Jet, two-seater, one behind the other, dual-control layout with a horizontal stab, vertical stab and rudder to provide stability and control.

Both seats are comfortable, spacious and allow good views for the pilot and the passenger or instructor. The instrument panel is well arranged with conventional gauges and space for Garmin GPS or an iPad Mini etc. can be left in the instrument panel.

Controls are easily accessible. The main landing gear is an aluminum leaf spring, hydraulic disc brakes on both main wheels, with wheel pants.

Composite 3 blade propeller with metal leading edge, a parking brake hyraulic lever under pilot seat and an air driven trim and pre-rotator system completes cockpit driven systems.

Available powered by field proven and supported worldwide Rotax 4-stroke power plants. Choice of either Rotax 912ULS 100 HP engine or the turbo charged Rotax 914UL 115HP engine for better performance and operation at higher altitudes, the kit can be supplied with or without the engine. 16 to 18 US gallon Aluminum welded fuel tank ensures compatibility with any type of fuel.

Builder’s assist facility at Zephyrhills Municipal airport insures that your gyroplane is assembled properly with knowledgeable mechanics and electric technicians and can help in getting airworthiness certification for the owner/builder.


SilverLight Aviation is no stranger to light aircraft and aircraft design, engineering and certification for multiple categories of aircraft. The US support is personal, technical and responses are fast. You are not just a number among thousands and your answers are given to you by experienced engineers and pilots who know a lot about the design and sub-systems used in the aircraft. While others may make you wait to hear from foreign countries, SilverLight Aviation actually controls the design parameters for the US market and can engineer and make changes to improve the product right here due to expertise not found in dealers and distributors.

Packaged Pricing

The Apollo Gyro is Sport Pilot eligible has very competitive pricing compared to the competition. As gyroplanes can only be sold in the US as 51% Amateur Built Kits, we have decided to offer them as a package deal where builder’s assist, airworthiness inspection fees as well as first 3 hours of test flight and tuning are included for the buyer right in the price. All squaks are handled while you are here with us. The buyer simply needs to come to our builder assist center for a nominal amount of time as the kit is easy and fast to put together generally only taking 2 weeks to be ready for ground testing. Customizations from standard can however take longer and cal also increase the price point a little.

Standard gyroplane is equipped with dual controls, day VFR gauges and engine monitoring required gauges, stainless steel frame, fiberglass fairing, large windshield for front and back as well as fiberglass tail section with hydraulic disc brakes and parking brake valve with a composite propeller.

AG-1 powered by 912ULS (100 HP)

Standard equipment, builder’s assist, airworthiness inspection fee and 3 hour test flight and tuning included:
$66500.00 FOB Zephyrhills, FL

AG-1 powered by 914UL (115 HP, Turbo Charged)

Standard equipment, builder’s assist, airworthiness inspection fee and 3 hour test flight and tuning included:
$76500.00 FOB Zephyrhills, FL

Standard Colors w/o extra charge:
Bright White
Corvette Victory Red


Panel Mounted Radio/Com: $1850
Flycom Helmets (x 2): $1850
Sandia Mode C Transponder: $2000
Trig Mode S Transponder: $3000
Custom Colors: $1250
Garmin Aera 500: $850
iFlyGPS 520/720: $700/$950
Back Seat Airspeed and Altimeter: $800
Position/Nav/Strobe Lights (Aveo): $800
Landing Lights (AeroLeds): $500
Cover: $800


Empty Weight: 650 lbs (912ULS), 680 lbs (914UL)
Gross Weight: 1232 lbs
Style: Pusher, trigear, tandem seating
Minimum Speed (Vmin): 20 mph
Max Cruise Speed: 105 mph
Max straight and level speed (Vh), 914UL: 120 mph
General Cruise: 55 mph – 100 mph
Never Exceed Speed (Vne): 120 mph
Takeoff roll at ISA (calm air, short prepared grass, pre-rotate to 250 RRPM): 300 feet Landing roll: 0 to 30 feet with proper technique
Rate of Climb at sea level, ISA: 787 FPM (912ULS)/984 FPM (914UL)
Fuel: 16 USG
Rotor: Averso Stella, 27′ 10″